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What needs to change

Last week my parents gave me an idea, not directly by telling me, but by inspiring and surprising me. They are both teachers, with many many years of experience. So I figured it wouldn't be strange to talk to them and get their opinion of what should change in the education system. 


In the beginning I didn't get a clear vision of what it was, I think they assumed that I knew what their ideas were about education and how it's supossed to be. But when I asked them to explain it to me, slowly a wave of knowledge and experience came flowing towards me and all I could think was 'wow, I wish I had a camera now, because this is worth sharing'.


So I will! Hopefully the camera doesn't make them nervous (nee toch vader? :-)


Then I thought, maybe that's what I can do this month, share visions from all different kind of people here in the Netherlands. Teachers, strategists, students etc. And see if there is a common goal or dream, a clear idea of where we should go to and how. In a sense documenting my own travel, because since this is such a broad topic, I noticed I myself need to learn more before I can perform any practical action. The problem, dream and how we can get there needs to become clear first. 


As a start I contacted Karim Amrani, Yoram Mekking, Toine Andernach and Jeroen Boschma. They are all very different with very different backgrounds. I'm curious.


December 12 2012  | LoveUnlove

Heee, I like that one :)

I was also thinking about just interviewing kids and asking them: if you could choose, what would you like to learn? And HOW would you like to learn this??

Maybe for one hour in the week they could get to choose something

Why not try and make this a project at the PABO or something, that they interview kids and then try to implement some of what they hear..

Something like that ...

And more ideas, but I see you have a lot of inspiration already :)

December 13 2012  | Verena loves thisLoveUnlove

Tnx! Yeah I was also thinking to include kids within it, nice!!

Lonneke Notermans
Lonneke Notermans
December 19 2012  | Verena loves thisLoveUnlove

This is good! I hear soooo many people around me talking about the educational system. I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for yet, but I would definitely like to contribute some ideas. I am both a teacher trainer and a parent with a network in secondary eduction, Waldorf primary eductation and child care. Verena has some very good ideas. I think you should definitely involve children and try to involve teacher training too.

December 19 2012  | LoveUnlove

Hey, thanx for the compliment :)!

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