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Visiting Tante Stijnie

Yesterday I went to visit Tante Stijnie, she is a very far away relative who I maybe met once when I was a toddler. It was mothersday yesterday and since she doesn't have any children of her own, me and my mother went to visit her (this way I got to see my mom as well! :-)



She was in a good mood, since she recently moved to a new facility she enjoys being taken care of. She doesn't have to cook for herself anymore and there are always people around to help her. She seemed to enjoy our visit and talked a lot about the past (some real personal war stories).


See you next time Tante Stijnie!!


May 24 2012  | Maarten loves thisLoveUnlove

Nice! You all have the same hair cut...

May 25 2012  | LoveUnlove

Hahaha, you funny guy!!

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