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The old and the beautiful

Today I first had a live interview for Radio 2 for a program called Hemelbestormers. This was nice not only due to the friendly people at the station but also because some listeners called the station since they want to help this month or because they feel like they could use some help or company. So this was great! I will try to contact everybody this week and see what I can organise and who to meet where...


And then together with Diana we went to visit Aad van Driel, who is 89 and is a very modern grandmother!



Ingetje Wielenga
Ingetje Wielenga
May 18 2012  | LoveUnlove

soo cool! I tried to teach my grandmother how to send an sms... well let's say you were more successful then me in connecting an oma with electronics.

May 19 2012  | LoveUnlove

Hehe, well, I think she had some previous experience!! :-)

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