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The morning after (the first day)

I have to be honest and admit that the first day wasn't easy. All of a sudden there are so many things that you can't do if you don't want to produce any garbage. It seems with everything you produce waste, if it's not directly because of me, someone else has produced it in creating the product. When does something become garbage and when is it a functional item? I have more of those questions which I'm slowly getting clear about, and I think tonight I will write a post explaining how I want to become 'garbageless'...


But now I need to find food first! Yesterday I was only partly successful because when I found a place where I could buy rice in bulk, and put it in my own little plastic bag, I still had to put a sticker with the weight on it! I only realized I had done it when I came out of the shop... Silly silly silly...


This is the sticker:



So today again I will search for food, and I will prepare myself for a three day trip with the company I work for. How am I going to be 'garbageless' while being on the road!!


Now a picture of a nail.



February 2 2012  | Philipp and Maarten love thisLoveUnlove

can you compost a nail? i read that you can compost an egg shell (if you crunch it into pieces). But what about hair and nails? You can always decide to eat your nails. (i do not recommend eating your hair)

February 2 2012  | LoveUnlove

I actually thought you couldn't and I saved all my nails that I cut this morning, but Google says something different! As long as I keep away from the nail polish it should be fine! Also hair apparently is compostable.

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