This project is closing... but... it will continue as!


The good and the unclear

After a full day of calling and mailing I did get a little bit more clairity about some items. (for those who don't know, you can view and follow my outfit here)


The unclear


  • My pants (knowledge cotton apparel) are made in Turkey, but they aren't sure yet if they want to let me visit their factory. I've send them an email with more information about the project and they will get back to me.
  • My socks (Hema) are made 'somewhere in the east', the girl from the customer service wasn't completely sure. Since they don't release any information about where their products come from, I didn't get very far yet. I've just send an email to one of the spokespersons from Hema, I hope she can help me a little further.
  • I contacted Mexx by phone and email. On the phone they seemed a little baffled by my question and the lady didn't really know what to do with me, so she finished the conversation. I hope someone will respond to my email.


I haven't contacted American Apparel yet, was planning to do it tonight, but it looks like it will happen another evening.


Now the good!


  • I can visit the production site of my pullover (Erfolg, switzerland), the only question they asked was 'when'. That made me happy.
  • Veja send me a very nice email, don't know if I can visit their factory in Brazil yet, but I also hadn't asked yet. :-)


How was?


Well, calling customer services with a very simple but maybe slightly unusual question can be a challenge. Those questions seem to cause stress to the person they are asked to, and stress has all kind of side-effects. But hey, I just try to stay friendly and nice. And then when I hang up and feel my heart rate has doubled and my face is red, I walk around a little :-) Respect to those people from Keuringsdienst van Waarde (dutch research program) who do this every day and don't seem to have heart problems. I still have a lot to learn...


March 10 2012  | LoveUnlove

Hi Maarten, thanks for keeping such detailed progress updates! :) It's really interesting to see how people react to this question - I'm wondering if it's more of a personal response rather than the vision of the brand? Or maybe both?

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