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Made by who?

Last week I got a little bit bothered by the fact that Hema didn't respond to me anymore. So in an attempt to get their attention I figured I would try to make a video that might go viral (probably not as much as Kony 2012, but still :-) Together with Davide we worked this weekend around the clock to make something funny and catchy... But...


Before we managed to finish it completely Hema agreed to do an interview!! It will be a phone interview since the contact person is sick and I guess not in the office? But it's better then nothing!! Do you have any tips for questions next to 'Where and by who'm is it made'?


I guess the video will go in the closet for now... Sorry guys, you'll have to wait!!!

In other (exciting) news

Next week I will visit the factory of Erfolg in Switzerland! I'm very happy with this and curious to meet the people and see how it's produced. I will thank as many people as I can find and tell you all about the experience! Swiss, here we come!!


March 20 2012  | LoveUnlove

Glad to hear they changed their minds about how open they are... at least a tiny bit. Maybe you can ask about the entire production chain - step by step - and hopefully they'll know about it...? I wonder how much information they'll actually give you, since the answer to "Where and by whom is it made?" can be either pretty lengthy if they are proud of the process, or pretty scarce if they don't want customers to know about it.

Really looking forward to hearing about your visit to Erfolg factory!

March 22 2012  | Maarten loves thisLoveUnlove

Enjoy your trip to Erfolg! If you happen to stumble upon that black Erfolg sweater you have in XL? :)

March 25 2012  | LoveUnlove

I agree with Andrea, try to get the whole production process out of them if you can. Perhaps you can ask about carbon-offsetting and how great this would make them look, especially in eco-conscious nederland.

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