This project is closing... but... it will continue as!


I finished the month of February!!

It took me a bit of time to make the video and write down my experiences, but here it is!



And then something that makes me shy everytime I watch it :-) During the process of not being able to get through to Hema, I decided to try to make a viral video asking for their attention. I asked Davide if he could help me and he did! But before we managed to finish it, Hema contacted me and I could hold an interview... So curious about the unfinished result? Watch it here, I'll be blushing while you're watching :-) Lot's of credits to Davide for editing, filming, after effecting, etc...


June 11 2012  | LoveUnlove

Very nice execution! Good video, really enjoyed your reasoning, agree with conclusions, job well done!

July 6 2012  | LoveUnlove

Wouter, thanks a lot for your feedback, it's always very good to hear!

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