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Help! What did I give?

Last month was a great month, because my challenge was to experience giving! After a couple of days I realised that to be able to experience giving, it was best to keep it small, for instance a smile, visit, website (more about that here). I also noticed I couldn't really experience giving when I was busy filming/photographing it. So I didn't!!


Which leaves me without any material to show after this month.


Can you help me with that?

If you remember I gave you something last month, could you make a picture of it? And if it wasn't something physical - a smile, hug, talk, helping hand, visit etc - a picture of yourself? A short description (4 words or something) will help clearify what the gift was :-)


For instance:




What did I receive this month?

The possibility to give :-)





You can send them to my email, if you want to make a super short video, send if over WeTransfer.


Gratefully forever...




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