This project is closing... but... it will continue as!

Progress, Continue this project by building a platform which enables everybody to challenge themselves to make the world a better place.

  • Maarten

    What will happen now?

    As you probably all noticed, it's quiet around here! No new ideas, so no discussions about being vegan, education, or if orgies actually make the world a better place. And I miss it a little. Because it made me think, reconsider concepts, change my mind. And eventually made me execute these ideas :-)


    So now what? Well, this website I build for myself, to enable me to live this year like this. But now I want to build a website not only for me, but which makes it possible for everybody to set their goals (for instance: live without garbage), let other people join, and show everything what you find out along the way. Because what are some of the things I learned which help create a movement around a topic?


    1. Communicate your goal (the more idealistic it is, the more people will feel connected to it)
    2. Enable people to join you (and welcome them as equals, nice TED talk about that)
    3. Show what you actually do and make it easy to share and/or for people to do the same.
    4. Give and receive positive feedback, loooveeee....

    How are we building the platform?

    Last month Emile Bosch contacted me asking if I needed a developer, so after a nice meeting all of a sudden we were a team of two! I think it would be great if there are even more people joining, so if you're a developer, graphic designer, user experiencer etc who is looking for a nice project making the world a better place. Let me know! We'll be meeting every now and then to work together (currently in Rotterdam or Amsterdam) so join in for a day!


    I'm currently busy making wireframes and Emile started setting up the backend. 



    We're developing it with node.js, bootstrap, less, jquery and more. Some of these techniques are also new to us, but it's fun to learn something new :-)


    I created a little project website to communicate what the plan is, and connected a blog to it where all the updates specific to will be posted. And that's the new name. (io stands for input/output)



    Anything else?

    I'm organising an event to finish of this beautiful year somewhere in February/March... You can read more about it on the website. It will be fun! Slacklining while free hugging a dancing tree :-)

    January 21 2014  | LoveUnlove

    Awesome! I just found this site, and the first thing that came to my mind was "wow, this would really work as a kind of social thing". Hope it's finished soon. Or already finished. Or not yet dead. Following the links now.

    Rosan Vloedgraven
    Rosan Vloedgraven
    March 21 2014  | LoveUnlove

    How is this going? :) I can't seem to open the new website!

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