This project is closing... but... it will continue as!


Closing day on the 16th of March

In case you haven't seen in on the social intertubes... on the 16th of March I'm organising a beatiful day to finish off this eventful year... 


I invited a lot of inspiring people that I've met the past year to come, share and talk about their experiences, projects etc... And I will as well of course :-)


You can check the program out here: (in dutch)


March 13 2014  | LoveUnlove

Please continue this website! I just joined today, but I am inspired by the good things people have done. This site is amazing!

March 15 2014  | LoveUnlove

Tnx a lot Kathrine!! For now this project is finished, maybe it will come back in a different form... I'm at this moment busy preparing to live like a monk for a year :-) The website is here: (for now in dutch, translation will come) and you can follow it here:

Hugs, m

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