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A recipe for a delicious pumpkin soup

The other day I made a pumkin soup which was seriously delecious!!! (my new favorite word :-) The recipe is a mix between tips of my sister, her boyfriend and a bit of improvisation on my side. So be free to experiment with it yourself!




  • olive oil
  • garlic (around 3/4 cloves)
  • spicy red pepper (I put half, but it depends on the pepper and your preferences, I like spicy :-)
  • an onion
  • 1 can of coconutmilk
  • two spoons of curry paste
  • a couple of potatoes
  • a pumkin :-)


Cut the garlic, onion and red pepper, put olive oil in the pan and add everything while keeping it on a low fire. Peel and cut the potatoes and add them with a little water just before the carlic is starting to get brown. After a while (potatoes need more time to get soft then the pumkin) add the peeled and cut pumkin. Add a little bit more water, but not to much because you'll add the coconut milk later...


When the potatoes are soft. Blend it all!! While blending it add the coconut milk and curry paste. Now it will start to smell and taste great!! Add some salt if you think it needs it and water if it's to solid (or more coconut milk of course, I love coconut milk :-)


Put the soup in the bowls and add some chive or other herbs on top to make it look as delicious as it will smell and taste. You can now serve your soup.




ps. you can use the seeds of the pumkin to grow new ones. It's quite easy. We (me and my mom) did it this year and we got 4 pumkins from one plant! Made me happy.


November 14 2012  | Verena loves thisLoveUnlove

never thought of coconut milk in soup, nice idea. I suggest trying some Sweet potatoes.

November 15 2012  | LoveUnlove

Yeah! Good idea!! I like sweet potatoes!!

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