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A new month, a new idea.

April was a fun, exciting and challenging month in many ways. There were so many ideas to improve Rotterdam and so many things to do! But for now April is finished and soon I'll make a little video summarizing the entire month... This was fun guys!


The new month

The idea for this month is: Visit old people's homes and offer to take them outside so they too can enjoy the onset of spring. (I changed it a tiny little bit, hope you don't mind Kim?)



I'm going to find an elderly home (preferably somewhere close to Rotterdam) which welcomes me with this idea. So if any of you have a suggestion, let me know, since I haven't been inside of one for a long time.


And then I'll try to help out any way I can, bring them to the park, read, listen, make tea, etc... Depending on what is needed. Maybe even dance a little bit!?! :-)



The dancing starts at 1:37


Ingetje Wielenga
Ingetje Wielenga
May 2 2012  | LoveUnlove

This will also be a very interesting month Maarten!! my cousin works in an elderly home. I'll see her tomorrow so will ask if she can help you.

May 3 2012  | LoveUnlove

That would be great! Thanks a lot Ingetje!!

May 3 2012  | Maarten loves thisLoveUnlove

this movie is hilarious, if only you could give some elder people half of the fun that these people had here!

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