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What if it were true that if you donated five minutes of your time per day, you could positively affect the world? Form a Meditation Group and meditate For A Better World. Cause we've all got five minutes.

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February 12 2012  | LoveUnlove

Nice! I actually meditate on a regular basis, and even with a couple of great people every now and then! So even if this idea doesn't win this month, you can trust in the fact that this somehow happens anyway :-)

Brigitte Timmermans
Brigitte Timmermans
February 13 2012  | Jorge Lopez and Maarten love thisLoveUnlove

Thank God ;) I also meditate and sometimes with a group, but I think it's a good idea not only for you, but also for other people to realize what the impact is of meditation. I really like your project, it's inspirational but it also would be good that other people follow the ideas and write their epxperiences of the actions on this website!

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