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Stop mowing your lawn, or persuade someone to stop mowing theirs, then plant with fruit trees/bushes (lawns are poor ecosystems, lawnmowing creates continous pollution and energy use)

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douglas macrae smith
douglas macrae smith
April 26 2012  | LoveUnlove

of course you dont have to get rid of all the lawn, just a part of it, every little bit helps

Chris N
Chris N
April 2 2013  | LoveUnlove

Can't support this enough! Raising food and cultivating ecosystems rather than energy- and sweat-intensive grass is better for you, the world, and all the creatures living on it.
Movements that focus on these ideas include the permaculture and Slow Foods movements. Some books I would recommend include Paradise Lot and Gaia's Garden, Second Edition. They are fun, easy to read, and can result in a lot of fresh fruit for you (with little to no work!)

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