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Transform blocking energies through meditation into love and use this energy to do good.

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March 3 2012  | LoveUnlove

@Zvezdan, thanks for your input. Since your idea was spread out over 8 different submissions, I made a short summery and put the long version in a comment below. I hope you don't mind, but like this it's easier to vote on.

Written by Zvezdan:
"Everything is energy and everything is interconnected with energy, every individual creates his own reality with his thoughts and emotions and that effects our collective reality on on earth.
In order to make a world a better place, you need to 1st understand the real meaning of life, and that is to have love in your heart and develop your consciousness.
If every individual would focus on transforming his old blocking negative energies inside of him, he would be able to hold more powerful energy of universal love, the light of the existence in his aura.
And this energy would create a precious contribution to the planet and people would start changing, getting higher levels of love energy into them. We would see a planet as 1 human family, no countries.
In order to transform a lover energy you need to heal it with the most powerful energy and that is love, the light in your heart. Relax and get in tune with the nature with practicing meditation.
Be in a quiet place and relax your body. Still your mind so you don't have any thoughts, then visualize how you fill your body with the spiritual light of the existence with every breath.
Allow this light to harmonize and heal you where ever it is necessary. Inhale fresh energy of light and exhale any bad energy out of you, practice this everyday and you will see changes.
The goal is to hold a beautiful and strong energy of light and love in your body in your mind and in your aura everyday in every moment of your life. And to use this energy for doing good."

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