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Lobby with Facebook to place Non-profits (with a truely improving world vision/practice) at the same field of view as games, app requests and favorites. Endgoal should be internets with Fiber-to-the+Home for every inhabitant of this planet wanting to participate. I've started here: - screaming in a quarry.

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July 1 2012  | LoveUnlove

You could integrate the Facebook games in such a way that Facebook declares to all it's paid-app publishers that they should pay 10% of their profit to Facebook, so Facebook can donate it to trustworthy NGO's/Non-profits. It's the only way to satisfy the ego-centrism-needing with the truly suffering people in the world. Of course, you could join up in those NGO's and do some volunteer work, but a Facebook lobby as suggested, seemed more profitable and acceptable for all involved. So you basically need politics and good PR-skills to achieve this one. Both of which I lack.

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