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Join AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and follow their campaigns by writing every day of the month two letters to governments in the world as a peaceful fight for justice.

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April 2 2012  | Miquel Ballester loves thisLoveUnlove

@philipp, nice idea! Can you give an example of this? (I don't mean a whole letter :-), but what kind, and what kind of campaign...)

April 2 2012  | LoveUnlove

Amnesty International is digging into injustice in the world such as suppression of minorities because of race, religion or sexual preferences, denial of fair trials, denial of basic human rights, death penalty, abuse of power etc

One of the things many volunteer of amnesty international do is to write letters to governments that for example detained people without giving them a fair trial. Just by the (hopefully) huge number of letters those governments and embassies suddenly receive those unjust governments become aware that their actions are not unnoticed.

I once read a letter from some political prisoner somewhere in the world that had been in prison for many years. This man had given up on any hope for a long time until he heard that amnesty international made his case global. He wrote that in this moment (it still took some time to free him) he found his strength to live again. The thought of tonnes of letters arriving at the government every week all asking for giving him a fair trial gave him his hope back.

What I like about it is that it's a peaceful action (you just write letters) but it has proven very successful for many many times.

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