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December is the month of ‘peace on earth’. From (nearly) every country of the world, find at least one person to contribute to a communal piece of artwork (e.g. a painting, mosaic, sculpture or video clip) that reflects their dreams and actions for a peaceful, united world.

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November 3 2012  | Ingetje Wielenga loves thisLoveUnlove

Maarten ends every one of his video messages with the word 'Peace'. Should't he end his project by contributing to world peace? Let 'Peace' be his last word and action! I am sure he will come up with a very creative, fun and inspiring communal art project that unites as many as possible nationalities and ethnicities (it's up to him whether he wants to travel the world, or find them in the Netherlands and/or the internet), and that leaves the world a lasting piece of art that symbolises peoples' wishes for a peaceful world. Peace!

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