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Believe in the things you can and want to achieve and try to make them come true! if you don't believe in your purposes, nobody will do it, so stop thinking "this is impossible" and start to move yourself.

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January 18 2012  | Cristina and Ingetje Wielenga love thisLoveUnlove

Thanks for this idea, it's very true... I think it's the fear of failure and disappointment that stops us from acting and doing the things we actually want to do. Afraid to make mistakes and fall on our noses. But 'the one who makes no mistakes, never makes anything' (I think it's a quote from someone, not sure who). This is something I need to keep reminding myself of. I think this project is for me the beginning of 'moving myself'. In that way I was already happy with the project from the first day of January, then it was out there, not just in my thoughts anymore. It's real now!

January 19 2012  | Bart and Maarten love thisLoveUnlove

Thanks to you for creating this blog and letting us share the thoughts we have inside and the purposes we have with our lives!! =)

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