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Motivate and inspire people who are looking for work

An idea from Margriet

It was a great day!

Made possible by great people. The workshops were given by Katja Linders, Patty Golsteijn, Dimitri Heesbeen, Sylvia Niemantsverdriet and Jan Peter Bogers. The great multifunctional space was provided by The Hub.


Next to that I'm very grateful for the help of Jessica van Reuschen because she shot some beautiful images!


You know what surprised me the most this month? That it's possible to create an event without using almost any money and being helped by people I don't really know simply because we all sympathise with the same idea: that it's great to inpsire, help and motivate.


Next to that I'm experiencing more and more the power of #daretoask. It's so simple and so powerful! If you have a little bit of time, it's worth checking the folowing video from Nils Roemen about it. And if you want to know more? Just ask. :-)



Ingetje Wielenga
Ingetje Wielenga
August 31 2012  | LoveUnlove

Great day and a great video!

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