This project is closing... but... it will continue as!

Every day of the month, do something in order to change something you don't like about your city or inspire more people to do something about it.

An idea from Julian Torres

Making people smile, happy and laugh is one of the most rewarding things you can do in a day.

And sometimes it's surprisingly easily achieved with for instance giving free hugs to people. It's a simple idea, with a beautiful impact.



Press the Button

Another day which was really fun because of all the happy and confused faces we caused was the day we did Press the Button. We placed a button on the middle of the street and when somebody pressed it we would reward them with a little surprise...



Simple things

But not everyday I had the time or energy to hang swings or welcome people, so some days I decided to do something small and simply pick up some trash or give flowers to people. All big things are achieved with a lot of small steps no?


One day I decided to go even more back to basics and give myself the task of just being happy. I had been feeling stressed and anxious due to several reasons. And you can't really make the world a better place if you yourself aren't a good place to begin with...


To see what I did each day of the month, check the progress log.


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