This project is closing... but... it will continue as!

Change the education system into a system that enables people to be world citizens, with the belief that they can be the change they want to see in this world.

An idea from Verena

This wasn't necessarily very easy, but I found my approach to it…

By trying to change the system through the people, because if you change the person, his environment will change with it. So I created a 6 day online course with 6 topics which are very important or lacking within the education system.


Day 1 - Failing



Day 2 - Self knowledge



Day 3 - Looking good



Day 4 - Playing



Day 5 - Trust



Day 6 - Yes!



Tnx to Jeroen Boschma, Peter en Tineke, Jeroen de Boorder, Marieke van Dam, Verena Böttcher, Petra Smolders, Chantal Drenthe, Ingetje & Davide, Jason and many others for their support!


February 11 2013  | LoveUnlove

I think what you've done is marvellous - we change the world one person at a time, not matter how impossible it may seem. Very inspiring x

February 12 2013  | LoveUnlove

Thanks a lot Alex! This was quite a challenge :-)

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