This project is closed... but don't let that stop you! Simply execute your idea!


This project has finished...

So, it's a couple of years later now, time for a final post.


Did I learn anything from all these adventures? Well... Maybe one of the most important things is to ask yourself why you do what you do. Even when trying to make the world a better place, if it comes from a place of anger, frustration or fear, it might not have it's desired result, it might not be done with the peace that it needs, without full understanding of the issues at hand. If you do anything, do it out of love. Out of love for yourself, for the world around you. With compassion for all the suffering that's inside and around us.


I will continue my journey, not sure yet where it's going.


Hopefully we'll meet again!


Be kind,




Tom Schmitz
Tom Schmitz
May 10 2016  | LoveUnlove

hey! what happened to the idea to have the platform of other people interact here with ideas and results?

George Bourn
George Bourn
September 20 2016  | LoveUnlove

So i have a idea to change the world for better. And it would be to create good words to catchy musical song writing to capture the Masses attention with something good for the world to feed on. To nuture their lives and influence positive emotions through music and inspiration.
I do have something in the making now that I have been working on for about fifteen years or more now though im still needing outside help where I fall short. Do you have any ideas.?

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