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Let's do some research!

Yesterday it was decided - after lively discussions and a lots of voting - this month I will trace back my favorite t-shirt. Or actually, I will trace back an entire outfit! At least, that's where I'll start.


The concept of starting with an outfit and not just a shirt arose yesterday during the Hangout. Somehow it was difficult to choose for one specific item above others, since each item is interesting in it's own way (and I don't really have favourits :-). About some of clothes I know a lot already, and about some not. So we figured to start with a couple of items, find out where they are produced, by adults or kids, fair or unfair, see if the brand is helpful or not, and then to refine the search to maybe one item which is most intriguing.


So phase one is research, what phase two will be we'll decide after phase one is finished. :-)


This is my outfit!



A pullover from Erfolg, pants from Knowledge Cotton Apparel, t-shirt from Mexx, underwear from American Apparel, socks from Hema and shoes from Veja.


So if you know how these brands produce their clothing or have interesting information and links where I could find more about it, feel free to share. Help and additional research is always appriciated of course...


I will keep you up to date with everything I find.


Let's have some fun again!


ps. wondering about the cha cha cha changes to the site? Check out the previous post.


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