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Why think small? Find out which of the Millennium Development Goals are lacking behind on schedule (my gosh, 2 years and 2 months left until 2015!). Then try to give one of those goals a big boost! Invent your own creative and fun solution to this particular global challenge, and 'test' this on a tiny scale, here or elsewhere.

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Firma Fluitekruid
Firma Fluitekruid
October 15 2012  | Maarten and Marije love thisLoveUnlove

Wow! This is really a good one! Maybe you can combine it with going to Greece...:-)

October 25 2012  | LoveUnlove

In case people don't know which Millennium Goals:

1. eradicating extreme poverty and hunger,
2. achieving universal primary education,
3. promoting gender equality and empowering women
4. reducing child mortality rates,
5. improving maternal health,
6. combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases,
7. ensuring environmental sustainability, and
8. developing a global partnership for development.

More information of course on our beloved wikipedia:

October 25 2012  | LoveUnlove

ps... I like thinking big :-)

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